Insectos con máscaras tribales
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Insectos con máscaras tribales

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El mundo de insectos nunca deja de sorprender. Estos insectos cuentan con coloridos patrones como caras o máscaras tribales en sus escudos. Mientras que los depredadores están preguntándose si se trata de alimentos, de enemigo o una presa, el enmascarado insecto puede escapar.
mini warriors have pretty smart warfare defences
Black stink bug with white eyes and mouth
the sheild pattern resembles a face. Like a huge sign saying “don’t even think about it” to predators - including humans - the casperonian looks slightly grumpy
Yellow man-faced bug
this barca branca stink bug looks huge but it is only about 1 cm long in real life
Stink bug with brown and white mask
too-sexy-to-be-eaten bug with his/her sunglasses is actually a crop pest.
Cotton stainer with black sunglasses
firebugs seem to huddle together to discuss their strategy.
Red firebugs
Tomasz Gorny is another stink bug, also found in Europe, whose shield looks like it is made of leather
Stink bug with leathery mask
This stink bug from Singapore looks like it’s carrying a gorilla-mask on its back.
Stink bug with bluish gorilla mask
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